Everyone needs some advice from time to time, so we thought we should make sure you had answers to most of the common questions. I'm not talking about 'do these shoes go with this top?' or 'is this meant to be green?' - the answers to those questions are easy 'yes' and 'no, you should probably see a doctor'. The advice we want to provide you with is aimed at helping you get the most out of a ski season. Below you will find articles written by people who have 'been there, done that' or are experts in a particular field. If there is anything else you think we should cover, get in touch.

What Do You Need?

Once you've decided what you want to do, where you want to work, applied for and successfully landed a ski job, you would think you just had to count the days before heading off - well, you'd be wrong. Just like the Scouts say 'Be Prepared', or as my friend Duncan would say "Remember the six P's"!

Applying For A Ski Job

Applying for a winter season job can sometimes be very frustrating, due to the sheer number of people fighting for these vacancies. Employers receive hundreds of applicants for their roles, here are just some tips on what will make your application stronger which may help differentiate your application from all the others.

Ride Hard! Ride Safe During Your Season

As we all know, snowsports can be dangerous, and every year seasonaires are injured on the slopes. To help all of you keep safe, we decided to ask an expert for advice, and when it comes to snow safety, the best person to ask is, Henry Schniewind, of Henry's Avalanche Talks, which is why we're honoured that he has written this article for us...

Finding Accommodation In A Ski Resort

You may already have a job lined and some jobs come with accommodation provided as part of your package. However, if you’re not sure yet or perhaps want more flexibility then here is the definitive guide to finding a home for your season.

Activities for Nannies Working in Resort

This can be fun, but with a bit of imagination it can be even better! So you have your amazing snowman with a carrot for a nose, and now you can paint him a brightly coloured jacket, a hat and some shoes!

Chalet Menu Planning

Writing a menu for a ski chalet need not be a difficult task but it is something you should think about before you start applying for jobs – all ski chalet companies will almost certainly ask you for a six day menu plan as part of the application process. It doesn’t need to be a daunting task and by following some basic rules you can have one nailed in no time at all.