Why Work A Ski Season?

There is only one really good reason to work a ski season, and that's the white stuff! It's hard and demanding work, the hours are long and the pay usually isn't going to help you retire early, but If you love skis, boards or even the 4 man bob, then it's probably the best way to get near a great big lump of frozen mountainside without buying a ticket.

Every season 1000s of hotels, chalets, pubs, clubs and restaurants have 10,000s of jobs available at all levels. They are all seeking the best of the best to make sure their guests get great service.

This is a massive mobilisation in Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand when quaint mountain villages turn from green meadows and pretty wooden houses to miles of down-hill angled frozen white, like tip-ex from the fridge.

So what's in it for you? Well the positives of a ski job go way beyond those days off on the piste, working a winter season gives you everything from a foot on the hospitality ladder to amazing opportunities for skilled professionals. You'll also get the chance to meet and work with like minded people, and experience a different culture first hand. Also, working aboard looks great on your CV, so when you return home, your future job prospects will have improved!

The diversity of demand is spectacular from humble maintenance staff to 5 star chefs, all these positions need to be filled for only half the year.

Whether you are a commensurate professional with years in the trade, or have no experience and just a great attitude there is something for you.

Why work a ski season - because you want to! Now find a ski season job, get that job, pack your gloves, head for the slopes and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime...


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